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Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo)

Situation analysis:

  • An ambitious new trade body looking to establish itself as the voice of the professional staffing industry
  • Founded to campaign on issues of specific concern to high-end, professional staffing companies whose needs were overlooked by other representative bodies in the sector
  • Issue of technology companies using intra-company transfers to bring foreign IT staff into the UK, thereby bypassing domestic IT labour market


  • A request for data about work permits issued in the IT sector was submitted to the Home Office under the Freedom of Information Act
  • Data showed that 30,000 non-EU IT workers entered the UK in one year on intra-company transfers – more than three times the number than during the dot com boom
  • Data used to place issue on political agenda and position APSCo as an expert commentator on the UK IT sector, while pushing for favourable changes to the work permits system


  • Multiple national press hits including the Financial Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5
  • Issue was seized upon by policymakers, resulting in APSCo being asked to participate in the Home Office Migration Advisory Committee
  • A full Government consultation was held, with APSCo giving evidence, leading to the work permit system being significantly revised to reduce the number of intra-company transfers

National news coverage provided for client

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