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Digital communications

In an age in which due diligence on your business increasingly means a Google search, the digital footprint of a brand can be an important lead generator and differentiator. Conversely, critical online comment can leave an indelible stain on the reputation of a business, impacting its ability to engage with clients, investors, policymakers, employees and other stakeholders. Aggelos can advise on the most appropriate digital communications channels for your business, best practice and optimise content for search engines.

Social media is a digital channel that businesses can no longer ignore. Whether a company decides to engage in the social media dialogue or not they, at the very least, need to to know what is being said about their brand and the wider sector, and where it is being said. Aggelos understands this better than anyone. We deliver granular social media audits for clients, which can provide a detailed breakdown of inbound referrals to your website, mentions on social media channels, and alerts to any comments which may require a public response. Failing to have this information in the very first instance can make or break the reputation of a business.

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